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Ny tantaran'ny Jiesheng Company

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Jiesheng Hardware was founded by Bill Zhang in 2008, and it is dedicated to providing customers with precision hardware spare parts. Bill has been working in the precision machining industry since 1999, starting from an apprentice to the technical director. He is meticulous in every detail, what makes him most proud is the breakthrough in craftsmanship, to challenge the top technology in the industry, and to deliver precision and advanced products to our customers eventually. Bill is the happiest when he sees the satisfied smiles from our customers and our products contribute to the public.

Noho ny fitiavanay ny indostrian'ny milina no nanampy ny mpanjifanay hamaha ny olana tsirairay. ka ny vokatra azony dia nampiasaina tao amin’ny efitrano fanaovana fampisehoana malaza eran-tany, ary nahazo ny sain’ny olona eran-tany. Rehefa nandre ny vaovao tsara izahay, dia ny ekipa santionany amin'ny fampandrosoana no faly indrindra. Namaha olana hafa ho an'ny mpanjifanay izahay, Jiesheng ihany koa dia nandray anjara kely tamin'ny heriny manokana ho an'ny fiainana tsara kokoa ho an'ny olona eran'izao tontolo izao.

Recalling when we first received this project, we found that the length of the product is 1000 mm, the width is 500 mm, the height is 350 mm, moreover, the whole product was concave, with irregular steps on both sides. And the bottom has a total of over 120 irregularly arranged thread holes, which are required to pass the GO & NO GO gauge test, and the flatness is required to be less than 0.02mm. For our precision machining, it was undoubtedly an industry-wide challenge. Our engineers said that there is no such case in the industry to make similar products, but we are happy to try our best to cooperate with our customers to develop. The customer was very happy to hear our statement and immediately arranged the sample fee for us.

In the process of making samples, as the engineers predicted before, we encountered unprecedented difficulties. After solving this problem, another new one appeared. During those 95 working days, Bill led the whole team to hold a total of 46 video conferences with the customer for discussion and coordination. Due to the time difference, it was usually 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning after we finished the conference. The customer was moved by our working spirit and kept reminding us to have a rest. And our sample development team, who has spent many nights in the workshop, finally a perfect sample was completed.

Yes, only by not being afraid of difficulties, overcoming difficulties, solving the problems for our customers, providing excellent precision hardware solutions, and helping our customers get over difficulties, then we can create value for them and the world. We succeeded.