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Fanohananay ara-teknika ho an'ny tetikasanao

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Tohana ara-teknika

Our Process Engineering group possesses first-class technical expertise acquired from two decade’s worth of engineering and manufacturing experience. Our Process Engineering group’s primary purpose is to aid our clients in evaluating the manufacturability of their part designs and products. We will aid in conceptualizing new product designs or improve existing ones. By partnering with our clients early in the product life cycle we can create cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Use Jiesheng as part of your team, getting a manufacturer’s perspective at your design review or cost reduction meetings. We want to get involved, and we want you to succeed.

Ny fahaiza-manao injeniera sy ny famolavolana dia misy:

Prototyping to full production

Safidy akora

olerance and manufacturability reviews

Modifying generic components to custom components

CAD Capabilities

Here at Jiesheng we have the capability to turn nearly any CAD file into a product for CNC rapid prototyping.

Ny rindrankajy sy ny format rakitra voatanisa etsy ambany dia ampiasaina amin'ny dingana fampandrosoana ampahany.

Engineering and programming softwares include: CAD/CAM, Pro Engineer, Solidworks and AutoCAD

Ny endrika rakitra tiana dia .step/.stp/.iges/.dxf/.pdf/.jpg/.jpeg/.png/.tif.

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