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Fitsidihana an'i JeaSnn Professional ITES EXPO 2022

Fotoana: 2022-11-10 Hits: 22

Visitors who overcame COVID-19 the world attend the show, all keen to look at new technology and discuss potential upcoming projects as the industry surges back to Smart Manufacturing.

This exhibition takes "machine tool equipment, automation technology application, precision machining" as the core content to present a more innovative and connected exhibition ecological scene.

Jiesheng Hardware dia mampiseho vokatra vaovao sy vahaolana ara-teknika ho an'ny sehatra fampiharana samihafa, manampy amin'ny fampiharana ny fironana teknolojia indostrialy. Toy ny ampahany vy fiara angovo vaovao, faritra fitaovana ara-pitsaboana, connectors mety, ary ny ampahany metaly avo lenta hafa.

Fitsidihana an'i JeaSnn Professional ITES EXPO 2022

The willingness of people to come and look at new products, new machines, new technology, and trends and talk about upcoming projects is very encouraging and a definite sign that everything is moving forward and getting back to work.